Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Go Crazy With Shop Like A Celebrity!

Their contest kind of made my head spin.
: What would I do if I were a celebrity for a day? :

What should I do if I were celebrity for a day?
I know! :)
I would do crazy things like stalking Brad Pitt (never mind Angeline Jolie), visiting Justin Bieber's house for the millionth time (I wish!) and composing songs with Kris Allen and Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey! (I like all three. So hard to choose. So little time.)
I would also like to do a movie (kissing scene between me and Orlando Bloom is a MUST!) with Orlando Bloom! Any movie as long as there's a kissing scene! I must be crazy, but this is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity!
I would also like to go shopping with celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Madonna! An unlike combo, but I like it!
At the end of the day, I would make Jay Chou sing songs to me before I end this day of being a celebrity for a day!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm Getting Tired

Just came back from Bangsar just now. Back in KL after visiting Miss Tania in Sunway. :(
Tania and Jenssen are back again, just to let you worried people know. Lols.
Anyway, was shopping in Isetan just now when I spotted a really hot jacket. Grabbed it as soon as I can. -.- Had lunch in Starbucks, with Tinn and Jennifer. Jennifer is leaving to the USA next week. >< Going to miss you, babe! :(
She will be back next year. Drove to The Gardens after that. -.- Crazy jam and I was a little worried about my petrol. Walked, I mean shopped a little in Robinsons with Tinn, then headed to Delectable for some yums. (Cupcakes!)
Oh well, Tania will be back to KL next week. She's crazy. She can appear here overnight. As in, if she sees a sign SALES in Robinsons on the way back (Yes, there is the sign now), even if there's a Robinsons near her place, she will force Jenssen to drive her all the way from Sunway into KL just for that sales. -.- Thankfully I am not like that. Lols. ;)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Why Is It So Hard?

There was a boy, then there was a girl.
Both fell in love. Both were meant to be, or so they thought.
Months passed, they got together. After a few months, misunderstandings occur, jealousy strikes.
One decided to call it quits, saying he doesn't love her anymore and they should be friends.
A year has passed. You insisted on becoming best friends. But I have not heard from you.
What went wrong? I missed you. Is it wrong for me to miss you?
Is it right for you to treat me like that? I have been waiting. Do you think it's easy for me just because you are a man and I'm not? Just because YOU have not much feelings, while I do? You knew how much I LOVE you. You just wanted to get out. Whatever reason I don't know. We gave each other freedom, we trusted each other. What went wrong? Misunderstandings were misunderstandings. How long will you leave me like this?
A few weeks before our break up you said you wanted to go on a trip with me to Langkawi, and I was madly in love. A few weeks after you called and asked for a break up. What was on your mind? Is it because you left for the USA that's why you can't take long distance? Why? I am still hanging from the past. Why are you doing this to me?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Kay Lin Rocks!

Had a great time with Chen after A-Levels. He's such a great guy. ;)
Had fun spending time with ya dude! :)
Tania Mania Zania..miss you babe! Where the hell did you go? :( She's been so busy spending time with Jenssen she forgot me. :(
I'd better get a best friend myself; NO Tania, I won't forget you. I missed Olivia and the rest too. Tinn is so busy with her work now that she has not much time to chat with me. Here's our convo :

tinnnn - says : Kay Linnnnnn!i missseeedd youuu!
kaykay i live life for me says : I MISSED YOU TOO!
tinnnn - says : so found a job????
kaykay i live life for me says : NO! :( tsssskk..
tinnnn - says : work in starbucks lah..
kaykay i live life for me says : dont want lah dear...i'd rather sleep...
tinnnn - says : suits urself babe.. :(

I chatted with Tania Mania Zania too. -.- She is SO lame. I'd ban her for a week!
TaniaJ says : Bitch
kaykay i live life for me says : LAME
TaniaJ says : Hahahaaa you're boring as hell now no? ><
kaykay i live life for me says : shut up or i'll press the 'x'

I hate you. ;(
She is crazy and drunk at that time I think. If you're worried, don't, cause that's our normal conversation. We're not always the 'huggy huggy come talk' kind of girlfriends. We're fierce to each other at times. Lols. That keeps our friendship going. :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

My Blog's...DEAD

and I don't care! I hate blogging already. So much time wasted. :( Soon, bloggy, I will love you, soon..... (sepaks sendiri; hah! Alif, don't teach me your nonsense!)

Run Baby Run!

Few more days to go; A-levels ;Goodbye my love!I am considering this.Should I continue in Taylors or move to another college or university? Tania the crazy babe asked me to try Sunway. :/ Have to check out the college brochures to know more.
Jeanette is back from USA!Hello,Jeannie Jean! :) That's her nickname. Hahs!
Tania called. Said something about someone. Uh. I don't think I should get involve in this.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I R Kay Lin

Jamie's back! :)
Tania and I rushed to the airport; I say rushed . That's how mad we are.
He was in a good shape after coming back from Mexico. Yes. Mexico. H1N1; piggy flu.
Jamie laughed when we decided not to hug him as we are afraid he has the pig flu!

Tania : (Runs to a fit looking boy) Jamiieeeeeeeeeee!
Me : Omg! You look hott!
(Both girls happily helped the boy with his lugguage, only to be shooed away. Said he is a man. Men are stronger. :( )
Jamie : Thanks! (smiles) You girls look hot too!
Hahah I can't believe we are saying that to each other.
(Jamie comes to Tania for a hug. Tan moves away. Saying Jenssen might kill him if he hugs her. Whoa? Tania being.....touchy? It's unusual for her not to hug a boy. She can just hug Jamie in front of Jenssen. Jamie then runs to me. I almost hugged him; until I remembered. Piggy flu. Could that be why Tania's avoiding the hug?) Lols.
Jamie was dissapointed cause he didn't get any bear hugs from two hot girls. -_-
Jamie : Why? No hug?
Tania : Did......you...................uh..
Whoa. Tania Ray is actually nervous.
Tania : Did you................................. eat pork in Mexico?

Oh. No.
Jamie please NO PORKY FLU!

I just stood there for an answer.
Tania looked guilty. Whoa.
Whoa. Again. Whoa.

Tania Ray; guilty. Whoa.

Jamie stares at us. Then he laughed mad.
Jamie : NO! I was following this mad diet. Salads and meat. No pork though. Don't know why I did not touch pork, and none of my friends or family members know anyone with swine flu.
Porky piggy flu, Jamie. Not swine flu.
Tania and I looked at each other. And laughed.
We send him to the hospital too later for another check up. Just to make sure. He made us pay for his meal at The Gardens. Lols.
He brought us clothes too! Omg! Jamie buys clothes!
Jamie the boy. Buys clothes!
Ok. I will update with more soon. :D